Curious, what does OFB really stand for?                         

Our Family Business is a Calgary-based, family-run Audio Visual technology company with combined 30 years AV Integration experience in both residential and commercial sectors.  We’ve lived and worked with technology evolving in our homes and throughout our careers, just like you. Things change quickly, sometimes challenges surprise us, too.  So, we’re here to offer first hand experience and network of resources to help you navigate the options and make practical and sustainable decisions.  Every project reflects your individual needs, obstacles and vision, so we don’t bother proposing one-size-fits-all packages. Just like family, our clients can expect no-bones honesty from us, whether good, bad or worst-case scenarios.  We’re confident you can handle the truth!  Through thick and thin, we prefer to partner with you for efficient communication, trouble shooting and delivering exactly what you want. Be forewarned, we don’t spend much attention on our corporate image.  Our priority is performance:  quality systems done right that are both user-friendly AND functional.

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